Saturday, March 14, 2015

Temecula Tourist

I’ve been  waked for awhile and then Carol got up at 6 AM full of vinegar and energy.   Yes, that is unusual for her.  Well that’s too early to take the bike down to Temecula for it’s scheduled service.  Now if I could only redirect her energy towards washing the RV.

Later (about 7:45) I rode the Harley down to the dealer in Temecula for it’s 1,000 mile check up and oil change.  Plus fix my gas cap that is really hard to remove.  Carol followed in the Jeep. While that was being done, Carol & I had breakfast at Denny’s.  We then toured around Temecula.  DSCN0700 DSCN0701 It’s becoming a tourist trap if it wasn’t already.  I just don’t see the attraction but oh well.

Around noon we went back to the Harley dealer and the bike was done.  Carol went grocery shopping and I went for a ride in near 90 degree weather.  That was nice.  got back to our site and I couldn’t get the gas cap off.  Back down south 20 miles.  The dealer apologized and said they worked on it but it didn’t work.  They replaced it with a new one (duh).  later I tested it and it works like new now. 

Here’s our site….DSCN0703

Here’s one of the four things that La Mesa replaced on our slide out.  It’s different that the last ones.  There’s a channel above the zig zags.  No idea what it is for or what it does.  Maybe it’s part of the new and improved junk I mean items.DSCN0705

We went and got Chinese carry out at a local Chinese small restaurant.  We’ve been going to it for over 10 years.  It’s the greatest in taste, quantity and price!  Here’s what we got for $13.97.  I couldn't even eat half of mine.DSCN0707

I know what I will be eating tomorrow…

See ya…………..