Sunday, March 29, 2015

Our RV Site – It’s Hot!

It’s hot… Where are we and what what are we doing now?  It’s hot!  We are in Desert Hot Springs.  It’s hot!  Desert Hot Springs is more or less Palm Springs. It’s hot! We drove around this park to find a site that would fit our “stuff.”  It’s hot.  It’s a little tight but it’s the best we could do which isn’t really that bad.  It’s hot.   DSC_0004DSC_0003 

Can almost get the awning all the way out.  It’s hot.DSC_0002

The local news says they’ve been breaking temperatures just about everyday for the past week.  It’s hot.  These are 3 digit temperatures on a couple of days.  It’s hot.  We got 50 AMP service so we run both AC’s all day long and keep the inside temp of the RV in the low 80’s.  It’s hot.  It’s been a long time since we’ve been in temps like this.  It’s hot.  We prefer this over high muggy humidly.  It’s hot.

Friday we move up on the nearby (50 miles) hill and into a campground called Silent Valley.  It’s hot. It’s only into 80’s up there and that is considered above normal.  It’s hot.

Carol used the crock pot today to cook a rump roast and veggies.  It’s hot.  We cooked it outside and it was very good and tender.  It’s hot.

Oh, did I mention it’s hot?

See ya….