Thursday, March 4, 2010

“Stuff” Learned In A Short Amount Of Time

With Carol in Livingston and me being on the road alone I have learned some “stuff”.  Like in the evenings after I finish washing the bugs off the front and go inside – there is no dinner.  In the morning I go and do the outside stuff and then go in – the slides are still out and no coffee.    While going down the road I have to stop to get something to eat or drink.  The bed does not automatically make itself. My clothes do not end up in the dirty clothes mystically anymore and dishes don’t get washed.  I have adapted quickly.  I only use plastic silverware and paper plates, pile my dirty clothes in one corner after I wear them for two weeks, stack all my snacks and drinks next to the driver seat, don’t open any slides, and eat out and sleep on top the bed. I did learn something without being told before hand.  I went out at night in sandals without a flashlight. I was parked next to a cacti garden. So, I learned all by myself not to got out in sandals or without a flashlight in cacti country.

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Van Horn early in the morning.DSC_0008



Sun coming up from the rear.DSC_0012-1

Looks like the new interstate put this out of business years ago.


Kitty cat’s dream kitty litter pile.DSC_0017-1

Immigration inspection station going east.DSC_0018

Highway to heaven.DSC_0022-1



  Ft Bliss – your tax dollars being spent needlessly, again.DSC_0031

And again….DSC_0034


Oh no, I got to go over this…to get around El Paso to miss the rush hour.DSC_0038 

And down it..DSC_0043

Hazards on, turbo brake on, sipping coffee…DSC_0049

Is that a road runner on the hill?DSC_0051

There must be a nuke plant around.DSC_0053-1

Now is this a “Mobile Home” or a portable RV? I think the cop is looking in his book.  He knows something isn’t right.  Maybe because he didn’t have any chase vehicles for that wide of load?DSC_0054

Another immigration station and the officer even spoke good English.DSC_0057-1

I had my car turn lights blinking the opposite of the motorhome.  Trip to Wal-Mart and I got it right.DSC_0061


This is the Escapees Dream Catcher Park in Deming, NM.  $18 and full hook up.  This place was loaded by dark.  I had only 300 miles today and got here about 11AM.  Yes I left early this morning – O dark thirty.DSC_0062

I got 475 miles to Ogilby Road tomorrow, Friday.  Should be there in time for the 4 O’clock.  I was told they would have dinner and a cold beer waiting. 

See Ya….

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