Wednesday, March 3, 2010

On The Road Again –Thank You Willie!

Yep, here I go without my buddy (Carol) & no animals.  When we arrived in Livingston diesel was $2.57 a gallon – departing it was $2.68.  That’s been about two weeks time.  HERE WE GO AGAIN? The Wii Fit Plus game is doing fine setting there still.  Oh, I forgot to mention about fueling up the Honda CR-V the other day.  It’s a 15.4 fuel tank. I put in 16.3.  Now that was too close plus it was raining. Talk about running on fumes.  Good thing I had a little indigestion or we wouldn’t have made it. I think that E  on the fuel gauge stands for Entertainment from the wives when they see it. 

Left at sun up and  drove 30 miles south and filled up the RV this morning and paid $2.61 for diesel. These are some pics that I took on today’s 600 mile trip.

Small town USADSC_0002

Texas country roadDSC_0003


Outskirts of Austin a little traffic.DSC_0006


More Texas country roadsDSC_0010

I have been told that this is pretty good. It’s in Johnson City…duh…DSC_0014

Now that’s a Texas Long HornDSC_0016

Texan pet camelsDSC_0019

Fredericksburg – it gets real busy with tourists here.DSC_0022

We have stayed here, it’s close to Fredericksburg and it’s OK..DSC_0024

Looks like someone has a heard of cacti.DSC_0030


Nice little pull over. Texas has pretty many of these.DSC_0032

Don’t want to be on a motorcycle at night and come across this alligator much less in a RV.DSC_0033

Maybe RVers should only drive at night or get ran over during the day.DSC_0035

Oh yea…it’s Texas and pumping.


Texas is full of air…….DSC_0052

This is my Passport America park in Balmorhea.  Full hook up 50 AMP $10.DSC_0055


Sunset – priceless….DSC_0057


Deming tomorrow ?

See Ya…….

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