Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Camper - Pat Swann

I had a little rough start today.  My camera 8GB card (holds pictures) started acting up.  Nick & I got the rally pictures transferred to his flash drive finally. We had to get them from the computer vice the card.  I must have pushed a wrong button last night about 4 AM. I don’t know why. I think I was awake.  Pictures today are limited due to the card and me being lazy.  I had my Air Brake Test seminar today.  It went very well and had a nice little crowd of 30-40 people.  Tomorrow I will be doing the Backing That RV seminar.  Attendance will be low because everybody already knows how to back up – NOT! The Kievas’ will be doing their Alaska seminar at the same time so I expect a lot of people will go to that.  Wish I could.  Carol & I have been up their in 2000, 2004 and 2009.  We are planning to go again in 2011?!

Joe Kieva (red shirt) is standing in for me at the RV Driving School booth.  He can stand in for me anytime he wants. He’s talking to one of my instructors, Dan Sheppard and his wife Jenny.  My little green man is standing gurad watching for fast walkers.DSC_0003-1

Here’s Pat Swann.  Yesterday I kind of posted a not so good picture of her so I have to make up for it today.  Now don’t go to yesterdays blog and look at her picture again.  tee hee…..DSC_0002-1

See ya………..

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