Saturday, March 6, 2010

Driving Miss Daisy (Denny & Dennis)

Walt & Kelly drove Denny & I around today.  We first went to the $4.95 buffet at the “Q” casino.  We met Sharon and Don D. their.  We had a good time sharing stories.  After an outstanding breakfast with friends we went to the Yuma’s big flea market.  It wasn’t really crowded and we just took our time.  From there we went to Brenda & Dave’s at the SKP Kofa RV Park.  Then the Laceys and the Swans stopped over there.  Walt got his four wheeler loaded in his pick up.  I took it for a “spin” around his pick up before hand.  This old man still has it. We then all went out to a Mexican restaurant that was out in the middle orange vineyards.  If I was taken there blind folded I would swear we were down in Algodones, Mexico.  The food was good and very reasonable but not real cheap.  The atmosphere was really there. I don’t think I could find the place again.

We got back to our rigs on Ogilby Road just before dark.  I had a little work to do getting ready for several seminars.  At the same time I watched some TV. Voltage was at 12.4 after several hours of TV and internet (inverter on). 12.4V is good at this point.

Tomorrow will be interesting as I & Denny go into the Gypsy Journal Rally together. 

See Ya……….

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