Saturday, March 20, 2010

Salesman's Dream

Friday the lawyer said we had to buy a car and a car only or give the money to Uncle Sam.  We thought about it for a nano second and said OK.  Bear in mind we do not need a new car, want a new car in any way shape or form.  But, we will not give the money to Uncle Sam. It’s a long story and it would only get me fired up when I talk about it. So, Friday evening we made a few calls.  Saturday morning at 0830 we were at a Lincoln/Mercury dealer in Houston.  A salesman/dealership were about to have fun and make easy money at the same time.  We had a blast.  We told them we were rich for a day and wanted to spend a lot of money – they are really smiling by now like yea right!. First Carol drove a Lincoln SUV MX. She didn’t like it because she had to jump into the driver seat.  She did like the drive and it was pretty good for a $60K towable car.  Then she looked at the Lincoln MXT. She like the interior but she didn’t like the station wagon look.  The Navigator was too big. Then we went to the Mariner. It’s like the Ford Escape but they charge more because it’s a Mercury. She liked it.  Then she drove the Mariner Hybrid – she liked it.  Then we told the salesman we want EVERY factory option available and every dealer installed option and every extended maintenance plan, load it up as much as possible.  They dealership still wasn’t sure what was going on but obliged us PO FOLKS.  Carol and I were giggling like school kids in the candy store.  Carol told the dealer it was nice being rich for a day.  We were heading towards the end of the deal when I said Oh, we need to have it set up for towing.  Dealer said OKKKKK, how could they do it. I explained what I wanted (the best) tow/brake system installed on the car by the big Holiday Rambler dealer down the road. They called them and made the arrangements.  Oh, we told them we wanted to pick up the completed car by Wednesday or no deal.  This look came upon their face as if Christmas was over.  They explained they didn’t have the car and they were trying to work with the RV dealer and it would take longer.  We said OK, we will pick it up no later than Friday morning.  They kinda smiled and went and made a few calls.  An hour later the Mariner was there and the car was going to the RV dealer Monday.  We also had to make an additional side “what if” deal on the Honda if it doesn’t sell privately. They gave us the same price as we can get from a pending private party sale.  Gee, I wonder why!  Overall we felt like big business going to politicians during their election campaign and telling them how to vote for us.  Anyhow, we wrote out a check and said to give us a call when the car was ready next week.  The general manger had talked with us over the course of the deal along with the sales manger.  I think they were trying to see if we were for real.   It was really a lot of fun being rich for a day. We asked how was the overall deal for them.  They said we broke all records for buying a Mariner ($), the most options/warranties ever added on to any car.  So, I guess you can say we were a salesman’s dream come true.  We left laughing.  Then we got home and realized we wrote a bad check. Now that there is funny!   Carol panicked and I just laughed.  We transferred the money.  I called the dealer and told them we had wrote a bad check. There was dead silence on their  end.  I then told them to deposit the check Tuesday and it would probably clear.  They said they understood but I think they still might have some doubts for some reason.  Hey, it’s their turn in the barrel if you know what that means.

Looks like a car to me - a happy woman is a happy man. This is just a picture of a picture.DSC_0060-1


Not really bragging, just showing you how dealers can jack up the price if you aren’t careful or just don’t care.DSC_0061-1

See Ya………………

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