Thursday, March 18, 2010

Put A Stop To It…

I noticed the Honda Element’s brake fluid reservoir was low.  Being a back yard mechanic in my prior life, I knew this meant that I had a either a leak in the brake system or the brakes where in need of replacing.  No leaks found.  DSC_0060


I took the car down to West RV & Automotive here in Livingston and let Rick the owner check it out.  This guy and his crew are outstanding.  It must be that he is a retired Marine!  I trust them with our RV and auto(s). He said the rear brakes where fine and the front pads had about 20% left.  I said to go ahead and replace the front.  Even though we will be selling it shortly, I just feel more comfortable replacing them. Besides, it’s a safety issue and it’s call peace of mind. DSC_0061


While they were putting brakes on, Carol actually put me to work, physical work.  Hey, how’s a guy suppose to keep his physic up if he’s gotta do this type of work.  Now I’m starting to have flash backs why we started full timing RV – no house up keep. I dug a hole, mixed and poured cement – viola – foundation for a clothes line pole do whammy.  DSC_0070-1

What a way to end the day - steak & cold beer.  Isn’t this the way it’s suppose to be? And shiny wheels of course.DSC_0078

See Ya……………..

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