Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Here Today – Gone Today


There are two sheds here.  There is a plastic one to the right.  GOING……….











Ain’t it pretty…………..28’ X 24’ will be the cement slap.  A 16 X 24 double decker mini barn will go up pretty soon.  And then our old plastic shed will go next to it.  Why so big you are asking?DSC_0070

Wait a minute.  Here’s are neighbor Wayne.  He just got finished building a house.  He now enjoys watching others build.  He deserves too..DSC_0066

Here’s why we need a larger shed.DSC_0069

And here…….DSC_0071

And here…….DSC_0072

And here……yes that is a dishwasher and it works fine.DSC_0073

Carol & I started unloading the two sheds at 7AM.  About 8 AM four workers were helping also.  At 9 we were all done.  They finished doing there thing at 5 PM.  Wow, Carol got me doing physical work again.  Then that night we went to Lowe’s and picked out the colors we wanted. What’s wrong with red I asked. Carol chose a light tan to go with the environment.  It’s a barn and I say it should be red! Oh well, a happy woman is a happy man – dog po brown does go with the environment I guess… If you think the mini barn should be red – email Carol at rvhills@yahoo.com.


Dog po brown???????????????? This is the one at Lowe’s.  We are one having built similar to it but better quality along with larger doors so a car can fit.  Yes, a car.  I don’t know why.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  Why so tall? Well, I guess we spent too much time in California where they build things up rather than wide.  It’s like the Honda.  It’s so ugly it’s cute.  I guess that’s why Carol married me 38 years ago.

See ya……….

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