Saturday, March 13, 2010

600 Miles toady & arrived Livingston, TX

If I wasn’t sleeping I was getting fuel or driving today. Arrived back in Livingston at 5PM local. Total trip one way was 1350 miles and total time was 25 1/2 hours.  Oooh rahhhh… Carol & I went to the Taco Bell and tried those new shrimp tacos ($2.79). They were pretty good but not as good Algodones, MX fish or shrimp tacos. Only met up with two dumb dumbs today on the road.  One was a drunk and I got away from him. The other almost T-bone me at the RVs door.  Idiot. I pulled so fast and hard on the steering wheel to avoid her hitting me, I put a kink in my neck and shoulder. That was real close – I was already calling the insurance man. I thought it was a done deal.  None of the pets missed me except my favorite pet – Carol (brownie points).  So, that’s it for now.

See Ya……….

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