Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fairbanks Day 26 South on the Parks Hwy

Since it was 48 degrees out at 9:30 AM I did the tank thing….empty, rinse, fresh water fill, etc.  We could be boone docking some.  Oh yea, it was raining off and on.  I started to do something outside and it would rain.  I would go inside and it stopped.  Off and on!

We went aboard Ft Wainwright and filled up with diesel at $3.98 a gallon first thing this morning.  Out in town it’s running $4.05 and up.  It’s went up about 7-8 cents a gallon since being here for a week.

WE ALL decided to head south and maybe stop at a little town called Anderson. 

I sent this blog out just before we left Fairbanks….

For now….

See ya…………….