Thursday, June 5, 2014

Alaska Day 13 To Chicken & Eagle Via Auto

In summary I would drive to Chicken again but not Eagle.  Just isn’t worth it.  Everyone agreed – no Eagle again and would not recommend it. 

We started off at Fast Eddies for breakfast.  Then onward to Chicken.DSC_0015-003 DSC_0018-003 DSC_0022-003 DSC_0025-003DSC_0006-002 DSC_0007-002 DSC_0010-002

The owner of Chicken, AK Susan %#(&@!.DSC_0012-002

Her bar….DSC_0014-001

Then look what came into town…DSC_0018-002 DSC_0027-001  

Time to go on UP to Eagle and turn off the Top Of The World HwyDSC_0028-002 

Boundary is the U.S./Canadian bordersDSC_0030-002 DSC_0044-002 DSC_0045-002 DSC_0031-001 DSC_0036-001 DSC_0041-001

Met some locals at the grocery store and talked with them.  That was interesting….DSC_0043-001

The Yukon River…..DSC_0045-001 DSC_0046-001 DSC_0047-001

Eagle was a bummer.  Nothing touristy there, no shops, not even some place to eat!

350 miles round trip and about 300 on dirt roads.  Plus we even ran into some rain on the way back.  It will be a trip to remember but not for the tourism but the lack of it.  The moose was the great thing of course.

See ya…