Sunday, June 8, 2014

Alaska Day 16 At Gerstle Bridge area

It started off this morning with a very light rain.   The smell of fire was very strong and the haze was heavy.  As the day went on it cleared up quite a bit.

Here’s a couple of Canadians that are biking it from Fairbanks down to Argentina.  They plan on about 2-3 years.  No thank you.  Yes they have a little kid too.DSC_0001-001

Butch & Kathy and Ed & Sandy headed for Delta Junction late morning via auto to check it out.  They all returned about 3 PM or so with stories.

For lunch I cooked two hamburgers and ate one.  Yes, I like them big. DSC_0005-001

About 3:30 the rain came but only for about a half hour.

Who’s happier…………….?


Later Carol & I went for a walk down a nearby dirt road then into the woods.  We came out up North of the bridge. It was about 1.7 miles Carol said with her handy dandy pedometer.DSC_0016-001

DSC_0010-001 DSC_0011-001 

Then back at the RV’s the smoke clouds were forming.DSC_0017-001

Early evening we got a hefty 1/2 hour of rain.

It was a quite day…………..

See ya………….