Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Alaska Day 32 Still In Anderson

Yep we must like the piece and quiet here at this campground in Anderson.  Again nothing going on.  It’s so quiet that animals don’t even come around, Just some skeeters do a fly over ever once in a while.  They were bad this morning (9 AM) but they went away later.  At our nightly social get together there were none.  We kinda started missing them – NOT!  Some people sat out until after 10 PM and had a nice fire going. 

Earlier today Loosey Goosey members David and Lois showed up.  I believe we are up to 7 rigs now.  Don’t know what happen to the O’Bosky group.  Kinda miss the British Mark & Wendy couple.  Never could understand what they said but it sounded nice.

Eight of us made reservations for the ATV rides July 2d.  Tried to make reservations for the Jeep ride but the company couldn’t guarantee one out of two people (couple) would drive.  The hell with that!  I’m not paying $100 bucks to ride in the back seat when I got a Jeep.  We will just take our own 4X4’s down the same road/trail.  Carol & I went down it last time.  I think the Denali Jeep tour company has gotten big and are doing tour buses and don’t really need to accommodate the smaller groups/individuals any more.  Oh well, pooey on them.

This is day 8 without a water or dump hook up.  After today it will be one more full day and a wake up to go.  We do have electric and that’s nice.

No sightings of animals around the campground today or any other day by anyone.

Oh, Kim Waddle took this picture of our Baby at 2 AM.  Nice… Though I think I will ask her what she is doing watching our rig at 2 AM.Nenana 06-24-2014 (13) f

See ya…..