Thursday, June 26, 2014

Alaska Day 34 Anderson Last Day

Today is our last day here at this neat little city park in Anderson. We will leave with some great memories of this park and it's small group of locals that we met.

It's been 8 days since we have arrived so we have some house things to get ready for our 50 mile trip to Denali Motel and RV Park - one night. I think we will dump what little fresh water we have left tomorrow morning and fill up with some real good water from here. Not sure if we will dump our grey/blank tanks here since we are going only a short distance and will have full hook ups. These babies are just about full. Probably should.

The Jeep I got the bugs off the front and put the front bra back on. We know for sure there are two construction zones and 10 miles each of dirt/mud/rocks. We've drove over them already when we were doing some sight seeing.

I used silicone lubricant spray on the one slide out gear do hickeys that we’ve been having trouble with.  Just under couple of weeks before it goes in to a Winnie dealer in Anchorage for adjustment.  Hope it makes it.  I also sprayed the jack legs.  Since these aren’t HWH jacks that require a special lubricant, I went ahead and sprayed them with the fast drying lubricant.  What the hell…..why not…

We got a short shopping list we need to get before we go into the wilderness of Denali. It's short because we will have to get these items like from a gas station/convenience store. Number one it's in Alaska and two it will be in a tourist area so items will be even higher than the normal high. Hey, it's hard to make a sandwich without bread or tuna on toast without bread. Life is hard............don't you feel sorry for us up here near Denali, Alaska away from all the hustle bustle of grocery stores, probably NOT!

It continued to rain until late morning or should I say a hard drizzle mostly if there is such a thing.  It stayed cloudy all day.  Definitely not good solar weather.  Glad we got electricity here.

We sat out at the fire with everyone until dinner time.  Carol & I decided to go to the “steak” place down the road.  KC/Shelia and Jon/Sue were already there.  We tired their cheeseburger & onion rings.  Damn were they good.

When we returned back to camp just about everybody had retired to their rigs so we did too.

See ya……