Monday, January 28, 2013

Another Night In The Desert

We decided to spend another day/night (Monday) out in the desert.  Our appointment is for 8 AM Wednesday and we don’t want to leave here at 5 AM to get there.  So, Tuesday we will leave in the afternoon.  The RV repair shop has a dump plus I saw a water faucet.  If they have a spot we will spend the night there.  If not, we will go over to the nearby Elks.

The temps are starting to cool down both day and night after the rain we had a couple of days ago.  Temps up at North Ranch are about 10-15 degrees cooler than here.

People are saying their good byes….DSC_0001  


and pulling out..DSC_0002

The crowd is gone except for one Newmar and two Tiffins.  One has a broken jack and I won’t mention it’s a Tiffin.DSC_0003

We went into Quartzsite to find Jerry & Carol Dales lot.  We found them but Carol was off spending money in Parker.  Their lot is in a small RV community just on the skirts of town.  It’s over by Quail Restaurant if you know where that is.  They usually spend about three months out of the year there.  They got two hook ups and a big garage for “stuff”.

On the way back we stopped and visited the Two Crazy Ladies.  They will be moving next year to a better location nearby.

Back at the rig we made some kick butt Navy Beans with carrots, celery and smoked ham for lunch.  We started it this morning.  That was real good.  We all had our social over at Gary & Mary’s rig later on. Afterwards I cooked some skirt meat on the grill.  Never had it before and was expecting it to be tuff.  It wasn’t and boy was it good.  It reminded me of tri tip but a little more tender at least this piece was.

It was a quiet night and got down to the high 30’s.  Time to leave and we will tomorrow.

Oh, repair guys came out to Larry and Marilyn’s rig and got their jack up but not repaired.  They can now depart for Yuma Tuesday.  They just can’t use their jacks until repaired.

See ya……