Wednesday, March 28, 2018

What’s That, the Sun!

Wow, we ran the roof heating units last night.  They work in the high 30’s and then below that they blow cold air and can’t be used.  They’re heat pumps like a lot of houses.  We still have our two floor heaters.  They're where we can get to them pretty quick on cold nights.

It was 57 degrees at 3 AM and it hasn’t been that temperature at night in a long time,  Tile floor during the hot summer is nice but the cold winter it’s a killer cold.

This morning I emptied out stuff from underneath compartment.  I was just setting up our site things like chairs and all that outside stuff when its warm.DSC_0001

I tested our Weber 100 grill and I just couldn’t get it to work.  I figured it was the regulator.  I got a new regulator back in Tx so I ain’t gonna throw a Weber away for sure.

We went to Wally World and got a cheap LP grill ($20).  It was their floor model and I didn't want in a box.  Nope, been there done that on putting grills together.

Back at the RV I let the gill burn for about an hour.  I figured let all that factory stuff burn off.  We had grilled chicken for dinner…..

Quite time and went to bed.