Friday, March 16, 2018

In Virginia

Well, we’ve been trying to float around within Virginia in our RV to take Kraig (our son) to his medical appointments since January.  So far we’ve been close enough.  Sometimes we might have to drive the Jeep maybe 120miles (total) to make an appointment.  Then the next day drive about 60 miles.  Then that’s it for two weeks or so.  So far in April he’s got two appointments in Fredericksburg and two appointments in Richmond.  He already has two appointments in May.  So far we got it under control for him.

Kraig calls himself retired since he’s not working for someone and feels old.  He’s learned how to read food labels.  Now he just needs to follow his very low sodium low sat fat diet.  Probably like we all need to do.  He stays with us for a few days then wants to go back to his place.  No problem – just miles.

Our RV is doing fair in the mainly low 30 degrees at night.  Still haven’t been able to wash the motorhome since December.  Yes, it’s dirty.

I got a metal strap broke that's around our gray/black water tanks.  It’s OK for now but I must temporary fix it which I can do.  Then permantely fix it much later on.

This morning our outside temp gauge said 27 degrees…………..

Retirement doesn’t have a definite schedule.

See ya when we see ya………