Thursday, March 1, 2018

Federal Social Services & Local McDonalds Are Terrible!

Where here at AP Hill Army Base campground (?) in Va where it’s cold and windy.  I assume it’s worse in other places for sure.

Our son Kraig is staying with us in our RV while he is going through life threating medical problems.  We have never been through the social services areas before. 

Well, this is how it is……… It’s a long drawn out process (time) for sure no matter how much the person really really needs help with life.  Partially because of the PAPERWORK and gathering of it that is required.  No speeding up the process no matter how much a person really needs help.  No triage in the paperwork process what's so ever!  Sad. 

Hey, they say the VA department is a long process.  Try the regular social services process.  It’s a longer process.  I thought they said way back that computers would speed up things.  WRONG!

Yes, I'm disappointed in the process of helping needy people.  It’s the ones that take advantage of the system that slows it down for those that really need it.

It’s hard at times to write about RVing when you have to deal with the federal/state/local people. Their hands are tied by many unnecessary regulations to prevent fraud from a few that slow down the overall process for the many.  Sad.

While on the soap box, McDonald’s:  Kraig  has about 15 years working at one McDonald’s as a regular worker full time.  True Kraig is a little different but McDonalds has NO medical plan what’s so ever for him, no retirement for him and not even a paid vacation plan.  $11 bucks an hour.  SAD that a big company can and does that.  Yea, yea a franchise and all those excuses they use.  They didn’t even visit him in the hospital (total over two weeks).  I hope  the private owners and all the share holders are enjoying their money from not giving ANY benefits to a long term faithful employee.  Really sad!

Well, this is how I feel and that’s the number of that…….