Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Moved Again

Well it’s been an adventure and now it’s time to move on.  In other words, our week at a Coast To Coast (C2C) park has ended and we must move on.  Butch and Kathy left Sunday afternoon as did most of this snow here in Gettysburg, PA.DSC_0001

Besides moving to another park we have a few things we want to take care of. 

On our trip south Carol snuck some pictures in.  Here are some pictures of the rolling hills.DSC_0002DSC_0003DSC_0004DSC_0005DSC_0006

Now we are near DC and it wasn’t to bad.DSC_0007

We even went thru some areas that the roads weren’t crowded.DSC_0008

Next we stopped in Fredericksburg, VA to help our Son.  Carol took him grocery shopping while I waited in our nearby RV.  We got him a Subway sub for lunch and he really liked that.  We also gave him his rent for April and some spending money.  He’s unable to work due to his bad heart (very serious and permanent) and has no income.  We can help him with support and in the money department so we are.

We get back on the road for another matter to be taken care of.  About 1:30 PM we stopped for our scheduled appointment with Leckner Jeep in King George, VA.  I was here before for the same leaky problem.  They didn’t fix it then.  The service manager now wanted $600 to fix a leaky roof in our NEW Jeep (2nd time for leaks).  He thought it had 38k miles on it and thus out of warranty.  Then he said he couldn’t due anything unless he had the Jeep a full day to water test.  I said hogwash.  Well, it was a battle but I kinda won after he went and looked at the mileage of the Jeep.  Bottom line – they ordered the gasket kit and we will return on our adventure thru here on April 9th.

We continued on down the road to the Thousand Trails (TTN) Chesapeake RV Park (membership organization) about 75 miles to go.  We were here in this area when we got to VA back in January.  They screwed us by not answering their phones for two days.  Recordings they never answered and denied that they ever got.  Hey, it was adventure for sure.

No problem getting in this time.  It’s still  basically empty compared to what’s it like in another month or so.  We will be here just about two weeks.DSC_0009DSC_0010

We got a full hook up site with 50 amp.  BUT, we have to pay $3 a day for the 30 to 50 amp service.  Yes, it’s only $3 but we shouldn’t have to pay anything.  Another adventure another day.

We asked if we could wash our RV.  No problem what’s so ever.  Here comes the shiny wheels.  Now that’s on my list To Do plus the Jeep.


Some big ass river you can seen between the trailers.DSC_0011

I checked the 10 day weather forecast for here.  Thursday it said 80 degrees for the high.  I say BULL but we shall see.  Rest of the days are near 70 degrees.  Finally we might hit some nice warm sunny weather.  We are way over due.

Retirement is sometimes waiting for the weather to change.  Then do nothing.

See  ya when we see ya……