Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Heavy Snow–Why Not

When we left Fredericksburg, VA and headed North to Gettysburg, PA is was raining.DSC_0001If we got to Gettysburg by noon we would be fine and miss the projected snow fall.  Traffic was snarled in a few areas.  We got there about 1:30 PM and we were in heavy snow, single lane the last hour.  It was a 2 1/2 hour drive that turned into a 4 hour drive.  We saw three snow accidents on the way near Gettysburg were it was really snowing.  People and heavy snow.  Some people never learn to drive in snow much less when it don’t snow.

We were escorted to our site because the road was covered and it all looked the same.  We even spun the RV tires getting straight into our site.DSC_0005We connected to the water and filled our tank.  Then disconnected the water due to the temps in the high 20’s.  Plus we had 50 amp which we really used this time due to the cold weather.


Then it snowed all day…and the next day!DSC_0010

Totally we got a very good foot of snow during the rest of the day.  It stayed in the high 20s and very low thirty's.  I went out several times to clean the Jeep off then I gave up.  Yep, we were in one of those Northeaster Storms. 

I will sweep off the slide out toppers probably This Saturday when it’s suppose to be in the 40’s near 50.  The Jeep is already leaking water from the roof in one area.  Hey, it’s snow!

Saw the campgrounds heavy equipment.  It was a ditch witch and a large front end loader.  They work hard on the roads in the campground.  They lost!  Tonight and tomorrow morning they can go again probably.

Butch and Kathy are suppose to be here Thursday.  I will run the Jeep in their site several times before hand to help the battle.  Otherwise they will have trouble getting their 5th wheel into their site.

Retirement is not worrying about getting to work in the snow.

See ya when we see ya……