Friday, September 9, 2016

We’re Back Again

After a 490 mile day we are back in Livingston, TX today, Thursday.  We spent Wednesday night at a Passport America park in Marion, LA that we stayed at before.  I think that’s right.  I filled up with diesel here in Livingston at $1.93 a gallon.  That’s good but back in Feb this year diesel was $1.77 at the same station.

Our neighbors, Jon, Sue, Wayne & plus 2 new ones all greeted us when we pulled into the lot.  That was nice.  We parked around back of the mobile.  The class C is in the RV port (under cover) for now.  When I wash and wax it we will trade places.  We have FHU (50 amp) where we are parked on our lot and our sat dish got tuned in, lucky….because of the tall trees next to the rig.

Our lot here in Livingston was over grown with grass/weeds.  In the mobile everything was fine.  We left the fans on and the thermostat set at 85 degrees.  In the barn the Harley battery was dead when the charger was removed.  The class C batteries were all fine but had some mold inside and a little bit outside.  It started right up.  It was plugged in during our absence and I had a small fan running with the vents opened one inch.  It needs a good wash down and a good hand wax. 

Oh yea, it’s hot.  Getting here the temp actually hit 100 degrees but was only..get that “only” in the 90’s with the humidity being high it felt very hot here in Livingston!

We did 1,350 miles in 3 days.  It really tuckered us out.  Maybe because we’ve done this same trip 4 times since May.  Maybe so or maybe old age, or hot/humid.  Too hot to boone dock so we pick our campgrounds before we leave each time.  We still don’t make reservations on a trip like this.

We got a few short trips (under 300 mi)  in the class C planned while were here until the end of December.  Carol has a Line Dance rally she wants to go to.  I got a motorcycle rally in Lukenbach that I would like to go to.  Plus theirs Betty’s RV Park, the River Walk and some others maybe too.

See ya……….