Friday, September 30, 2016

Time to Ride ?

Donna, sorry about your loss of John.

It’s 5 AM and it’s 59 degrees out.  Yea, it appears to be getting cool around here which is normal for this time of year.  High’s predicted to in the low 80’s…yea.

No I don’t have a hangover from last night.  I haven’t had one in probably over 40 years or so.  Either that or it’s never stopped.

I didn’t hear back from Lazydays general manger Bruce something about them selling us a rental RV without telling us it was one.  Wow, no big surprise there, he’s a RV salesperson.

I then decided to go to What A Burger for breakfast.  I had biscuit/gravy and a coffee for $2.14.  My kind of cheap.

I decided to go to Walmart for an oil change on our (Carol’s) 2010 Hybrid Mariner.  We had 6 years free maintenance on it and it expired 6 months ago.   Basic oil change, no frills, was $19.99 at Walmart.  I said OK and I want to up grade the oil and I pay the difference.  The guy said Walmart wouldn't let them do that anymore.  I would have to upgrade the service to $34.99 (frills) and then pay the difference in the upgrade of oil.  I got bells ringing all around me saying this is wrong and it is.  The guy just looked at me and in so many words agreed with me on how that was a rip.  Then the guy said that many people don’t know they can go inside and buy any oil and filter and then give it to them to install.  The charge he said was $10 at all Walmarts.  Nice little bit info he gave me I think.

Got back to the lot before noon.  Rest of the day I piddled around with the Harley.  I was trying to understand the old jerry rigged electrical system  so I could get more “things” to work.  I failed.  Oh well.  Most of the important stuff works like the brakes and turn signals.  No horn at all.  It just stopped working one day. No rear air ride suspension. Hasn’t worked in this last decade it appears.  Both tires have to be aired up about every 5-7 days of about 5-10 lbs.   Sometimes it has no running lights at all.  Sometimes only the front running light works or almost most of the time I should say.  All & all it’s just an old Harley Davidson that just keeps on going at the age 35 years or so.  It’s an Old Hog!

My body has stuff that has stopped working like the Harley also.  I guess that makes me an Old Hog too.  Are you an Old Hog?

See ya