Sunday, September 11, 2016

Dumping “Stuff”

I straighten up the barn.  In man language that means I moved stuff around and out of the main passage way.  It’s still not the way I want it but it is workable now.

I spent some more time in the little RV.  A little more inside wipe down time.  I ran the generator for about an hour.  It was long to start but it did.  I ran the AC and turned on the frig.  Afterwards I set the AC thermostat for 90 degrees.  Everything is A OK so far.  Next month I will be taking it to Lukenback for a two day camp out and bike flea market/show there.  I hopefully will have all my toys (except Carol).  The little RV, 1985 Harley and the 1981 Honda 110 Trail bike.  Both motorcycles will have antique tags.  I got plenty of time to get everything ready.  Carol will be at a line dance rally in Conroe in the big RV while I’m at Luckenback with the little RV.

It’s cooled down to the low 80’s yesterday.  That was nice.  It’s still humid but not terrible like it was.  Later in the week it will go back to the 90’s.

We made reservations at Betty’s RV Park in Abbeville, LA for next month.  Lisa/Jim, Mark/Dortha and Mark are locked on too.  It was a puzzle trying to get all of our schedules together to find free time together but we did.

I’m unloading the big RV of some items since we will be kinda setting until the end of December.  Stuff like the BBQ and it’s accessories, LP 20 lb tank, chairs and even some canned goods came out.  Bigger the RV it seems like things get lost or forgotten about.  As I was going thru stuff I was thinking oh yea I was gonna do this or that.  Some stuff is going into the barn since I have walking room now.  Some items will go up to the free table at the park.  I’m trying not to put too many items in the little RV for now.

I got an email from Amazon.  They shipped 12 items over the weekend.  they should arrive by he end of the week.  No, we don’t have “Prime” 2 day shipping.  Just don’t see paying $90+ for it.  Most stuff gets here in 5 days or so.  I can wait.

The front hitch receiver for the little RV paperwork says it takes 30 minutes to install it.  They must assume I’m a mechanic in a modern shop with all the air tools and 25 years old.   It took me almost 30 minutes to get it out of the box and set underneath the front end.  It seems like it takes me 30 minutes to get out of bed.  We shall see.

See ya………….