Saturday, September 24, 2016

Fun Work Day

Mark came over in the morning.  We (he) installed the new carb that I got from Amazon for the Honda Trail 110 cc bike.  After a few adjustments the Honda started running and starting better.  It ran OK before but now it even runs better.  Mark wants it to run even better yet so he’s gonna order some more parts.  I said go for it and I would pay for them of course.  He really likes tinkering with the little bike.  He had one a few years ago.

Next we moved the newly purchased 2009 trailer behind the little RV and hooked it all up.  All the lights work and we got it and the hitch height we wanted.  We tried different ride heights with the variety of hitches I had accumulated over the years. We will load his antique BMW and my antique Harley up on the trailer another time.  We will then tow them to the Luckenbach American/European bike show next month.

Afterward playing with the trailer we (Mark) tackled the job of installing a propane quick connect with a turn off valve inside the little RV.  Ed Kruty did our install in the Winnebago a couple of years ago.  It’s worked fine ever since.  We like the efficiency and being noiseless is really nice.  Mark like ED made it look so easy with the good tools he had.  They weren’t Harbor Freight type tools like I normally have.  Now that I have an inside LP connector I have to find a heater.  My Mr Buddy won’t work because its a high pressure heater and it’s a low pressure connection.  We got a propane heater in the Winnebago  rig but it might be too big for this little RV.  Something to work on before Alaska.

After all this work we sat out on the porch and smoked some little cigars that Mark brought with him.  They were OK  but we both liked the cigars we got up in Maryland a couple of months ago.  Mark left to go work on his BMW.  We just might go bike riding tomorrow.

Next was for me to straighten up from all the work we did.  That means I took all the tools that I had and just piled them inside the barn.  I will straighten them up in another day.  It was getting to humid.

Next was Walmart.  It’s not a productive day unless we visit Walmart.  Carol needed some stuff and I needed some special synthetic motorcycle oil plus a 2 inch hitch ball.  the all I have is only 3,000 lbs.  I wanted a  more margin of safety so I got a 6,000 lb hitch ball.  The oil was $7 bucks a quart and the hitch ball was $4.88.  I will do the oil change and install the hitch ball another day.

We stopped at Taco Bell so Carol could get her Chalupa (sp?) Supreme.  Next we stopped at Popeye’s and I got a fried shrimp sub.  We got back home and enjoyed our little dinner together then watched some TV.

It was a productive fun day.

See ya……….