Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Holy Crap…Main Road Closed!

More on that later. It was a very scenic trip especially above Flagstaff on route 89.  Carol took the pictures. DSC_0006 DSC_0016 DSC_0028 DSC_0033 DSC_0038 

We get up north about 30 or so mile from Page, AZ and a sign across the intersection with routes 89 & 89A  CLOSED….  We wanted to go straight but couldn’t.  DSC_0041We could have turned around and gone south then hung a left and come into page the back way.  Nope, too many miles back and we weren’t really even sure if we were gonna stay at the Elks.  This made our minds up so we headed for Panguitch, UT.  via route 89A.  It turned out to be a very scenic route.

You’ve heard of houses on rocks.  How about a rock on a house.DSC_0064

Up in the mountains we 7900 feet. WeeeeeeeeeeeeeDSC_0098

This motorhome didn’t make it.  I think the transmission went out.  A park ranger pulled him about 2-3 miles in the mountains.  The engine retarder had to be working to have enough brakes which meant the transmission failed.  He had to be pulled down the road to a safe place.  that chevy had to be straining.DSC_0088 DSC_0092


This is Hatch, Utah where the Escapees had an Outdoor ATV HOP several years ago.  We were the co hosts. DSC_0123


We pulled into a nice little park about 3 miles North of Panguitch called Paradise.  DSC_0131

We have about 350 miles behind us today.  It was about 4:30 PM local time and 53 degrees.  Expected low is 29 degrees.  I didn’t know temps still went that low.  I just threw out the 50 AMP chord and it jumped into the 50 AMP plug.  We will use our fresh water tank.

Get this.  A FHU, 30 AMP, pull thru, free WiFi for $20 then $1 for 50 AMP.  It gets better.  Good Sam members or any member of anything it’s $14.95 (50 AMP) + tax for the same deal.  We’re staying two nights.  Here’s our view from our windshield…..DSC_0128

and the park…nice little park that just opened up.DSC_0129 DSC_0132

We stopped in Panguitch and got 13 gallons of fuel at $3.93.  In this cold weather I want insurance I could make it to our planned fuel stop in Nephi, UT for a fill up.  We had strong side winds and head winds today.  Fuel mileage probably dropped into the 7 range.    No luck with a tail wind.  Plus mountains and towns of course.  It was all well worth it.

Now tomorrow we will ?????????

I’m doing this blog at 6:30 AM local and our outside thermometers say 18 Degrees.  Yes, it’s damn cold and I don’t care how dry or humid it is.  It’s cold!

See ya…..