Tuesday, November 1, 2016

&*^%(*#@* Widows 10

First I unloaded the little Honda bike.  Then I wanted to wash the bugs off the front of the camper.  Well shucks, I might as well wash the whole thing it ain’t that big.  I did.  Carol’s car was setting there in front of it so I washed it too.  This weather is just right for doing these kinds of things.

In the afternoon we went to Woodville and saw my mother.  She seemed to be doing OK.  Of course we took her a carton of smokes and that perked her up.

Got back to the lot and started using my computer – almost.  It wouldn’t let me go into my Windows 10 folders.  It said I had to install & activate my renewal account.  Here we go again.  1 hour later I THINK everything is activated and running.  SOBs……..

Since this is a blog I have to mention food…..so FOOD!

Retirement seems like keeping weight off while you eat like a horse.

See ya……….