Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Turmoil Or An Adventure?

Not really turmoil, just things happening.  I have to work backwards because that is how my memory works best. 

Carol & I were in the ER/hospital one year almost to the day.  Well, we almost ended up there again.  I got a real bad stomach flu that lasted about 2 days and recovered.  Then Carol got it of course.  Lost five lbs……. we had to sit down with a bucket in our laps when ever we went to the toilet.  Not sure what was going to happen.  Sometimes everything.  Get the picture? 

In the middle of all this it sounded like a 747 airplane landed on our roof about 6:30 AM one morning.  Our roof heat pump came apart.  In the past on other rigs I have gotten up on the roof and repaired something somehow.  This rig is under extended warranty and the heat pump is covered.  Got an appointment 2 December at a local repair shop.   I’m still not really a believer in extended warranties.

Our extended warranted is a zero deductible and is good for 7 years and covers most things.  The cost… almost $8 grand.  Glad we didn’t pay for it.  It was part of the RV deal that was given after it was all said and done for our aggravation by the manufacture and dealer screwing up on our other new rig.  This rig (now own) was our 1st ordered rig then cancelled due to non fulfillment of the delivery date by the manufacture.  Yes you can put that in writing if not delivered by a certain date, no matter the cause, the deal is off.  The 2nd new rig we signed for but did not take delivery had a rear cap installed wrong (major problem).  We went away.  Then a big wig called us from the dealer (Lazydays) and said the famous words, “What would it take to make the deal” on our original ordered rig that they now had.  I just so happened to have a list of things I wanted that totaled over $10 grand.  They wanted to unscrew what had happened.  I’m sure they still made money of course but I’m also sure it wasn’t there usual thousands and thousands of dollars.  We got it for less than 30% off list price out the door (- taxes, tags only) plus this $8,000 extended warranty.  It was a good day.  So much for the flash back.

I think this blog will be a weekly thing until we start moving again or something exciting happens.  We still are enjoying living in our 2014 36M Winnebago Journey diesel pusher RV behind my Mom’s mobile on our lot here at Rainbow’s End.   We use the mobile to do laundry and large meals and party.  Mom is doing kinda OK in her nursing home and we are attempting to get her back into Medicaid.  What a lot of friggin paper work.  That should be done about the end of December then we’re out of here.

Our little 25 footer camper is all ready for our 7 month Alaska & East Coast (?) adventure.  That will start this April when we return from the West Coast adventure with some close friends.

So, that being said…..

See ya…………..