Thursday, November 10, 2016

One More Time

I reloaded the camper again.  I did because I had the rear storage bumper bin finally ready to go into the receiver and final wiring.DSC_0006

I’ve had this bin and carrier for over a year and working on it on and off, mostly off.  I got them at separate times from Tractor Supply during their Black Friday/Weekend last year.  It’s now installed in the carrier and wired.  I even soldered the twelve wire connections I had to do.  Plus I installed the saddlebags and tail light.  I took my time that’s for sure.  All the lights on it work. DSC_0005

I loaded the bumper bin with stuff I will need when I pull into a sight.  Stuff like levelers, water hose, etc..  I was able to put the sewer hoses into the bumper.  That was nice.DSC_0002

I also put a lock on the hitch (silver thing) and a hitch stabilizer (black thing next to the lock) on to keep movement to zero.DSC_0007

I only have a few things to go in the rear compartment like food bins, BBQ grill and the electrical autoformer.  Yes, I have a lot of room but that don’t mean I need to fill it.  I also have a lot of weight capabilities which is real nice…. not over loaded at all, not even close.DSC_0001

Water was on sale for $2 a case.  It will not go into the camper but into the big RV for use in Quartzsite.DSC_0003

We’ve always had those brown or green plastic tables but have decided to go over to the aluminum ones.  They’re a little bit bigger plus taller and lighter.  These are easier to use as a table to eat from because they are taller.  $24 at Walmart.DSC_0004

Retirement is like being on vacation everyday except you don’t spend all that money on tourist things.

See ya……..