Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Oh No, Bought Another RV

Well, I left a deposit with Lazydays Tucson via phone on a used Class C 2014 Coachmen Freelander 22QB.  It measures 24.5 feet on a Ford 350 chassis with a V10 engine.  Two little old ladies drove it they said… Yea, right!

It took a week and Sharon Del Rosario helped check it out.  Her & Don live in Benson kinda nearby.  Thanks Sharon.   It took some negotiations but I got it for what I wanted to pay today.  I worked on them for about 6 days.  Just maybe that email to the CEO helped.  I got low retail on the Jeep & Harley as trade ins and got $12K off their sale price plus a $1,000 Visa card to pay for my expenses coming out to pick it up.

You are asking why.  Because we can and wanted too.  We (I) wanted a little puddle jumper to go on short trips and Alaska.  I still have my 85 Harley, my new trailer and the old trailer.  We will now pull Carol’s Mercury Mariner that has been set up for towing since new (2010). 

Now how to get my toys to Tucson.  It will work out with a little help from Carol’s brother Steven.

The Journey (Carol’s) is still our home.

See ya………..