Friday, January 30, 2015

Wash Day

Wash Day meaning it’s raining and the rig is getting a wash.  No more Quartzsite dust on it.  Just the hard stuff.  It’s on my list to wash.

Still got the RZR.  Price down to $7,500 on Craig’s List now.

I got over 50+ people wanting me to let them join my Facebook or something.  Ain’t got one.  No time soon for Facebook. 

Carol & I went to Jack In the Box for Breakfast.  It’s cheap and we like it for a break every once in a while.  Next was to go to the local grocery stores with their sale ads in hand.  Got some pretty good deals.

It rained most of the day……

I supervised (watched) Ed & Denny working on getting Ed’s new Jeep (2012) all wired up to tow. They had a few glitches but kept at it. Without my supervision I’m sure they would have finished about a half hour earlier.

A couple of lookie lou’s on the Polaris RZR today. I think if I would have charged to look at it I would be better off. It’s only a matter of time.

It rained most of the day……..

See ya…….