Thursday, January 1, 2015

First Day Of The Rest Of The Year

It’s 34 degrees as I type this at 5 AM.   what’s up with that?  Well, no rain for the next 10 days…that’s nice.  And it’s getting up to 70 degrees next week.

Wiped down the Harley again and covered it for now.  It’s just too cold and windy to really enjoy it.  Even though I wiped down the Harley it was in the sun at the time and still cold & windy. That baby is real shiny now. DSC_0062 I covered it because the RV wash guys are coming and it’s easier to cover it than to move it. Won’t take it off the trailer this Saturday maybe Sunday after we move to our next campground, Yuma Lakes.  We got a week there but might move to Quartzsite earlier, not sure yet.

I played with the HDMI 4X4 Matrix switching station for our TVs, Direct TV and theater system. DSC_0064 I’m pretty sure it’s the problem by a process of elimination of each component and cables.  It looks expensive.  I went on line and couldn’t find an exact one.  Something to work on for sure.  I might take it apart to see what makes it tick.  As suggested by a blog reader I disconnected all the input cables.  Then I hooked each one, one by one.  I hit pay dirt.  If I only hook up one particular TV I get it.  Everything else must remain unplugged.  I had TV the rest of the day and night.

Carol says the water here tastes heavy….okkkkkkk.  I tried to lighten it with all these outside filters but it didn’t do the job.  DSC_0063 I guess we will be buying water at Wal-Mart.

We didn’t do nuttin we didn’t want to do today.  I went outside for a very little while today and went back in.  No setting out or cooking out. 

See ya…………….