Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Carol Saves The Dinner

What an active day.  I was working by 8 AM.  Mark came over about 9:30.  We picked up the trailer from Jerry and went and picked up my Mom’s dresser.  We brought it back and put it the little bar.  We returned the trailer and went to La Colona for lunch.  It was as usual not too bad.  We didn’t get back to the lot till almost 1 PM.  Mark had to leave because he was smoking a turkey for James.  Carol already had the turkey cooking for our dinner today.  I was suppose to start the turkey but got tied up having fun.  She saved the day and dinner.

Then I borrowed Wayne's floor jack to lift the front end of the Jeep up.  I really looked like a rookie doing that.  I was testing the air brake hook up on the Jeep.  I wanted to make sure the brakes weren’t hanging up on the Jeep when applying the brakes on the RV.  They seemed to be dragging a little.  I’m not sure if that’s because the Jeep is a four wheel drive or what.  I called M & G and they said to being it by Monday.

The Mariner had a low tire light come on the car.  One tire was down to 20 lbs.  I aired all of them up to 35 lbs using the Baby’s engine air compressor.  I had to change some air nozzles on my air lines because I screwed them up last month.  No bigee.  Then I doubled checked the Baby’s tires.  I had one tire down to 80 lbs.  It’s the one that I’ve been having trouble with the pressure indicator of the Pressure Pro.  I 'ill check that again before we leave.  It might be the indicator leaking which I will just remove.

Carol picked up Mom earlier.   Mom appeared to have fun while here for turkey dinner.  Carol did a good job of cooking dinner for us all.  We took Mom back to the rest home about 7 PM.  She was tired.

We will move our departure route to Plan B.  That’s now going up towards Dallas near M & G.  Have them check out the tow brakes and then head for Freightliner Abilene.  Abilene, Abilene sweetest little town I ever did see, Abilene.  Sing it…never mind…..  There we will have the front in checked out on the Baby.   You know you can’t stay away from a repair shop with a new rig.

By the end of the today (Wed) I was sore and grumpy.  Thanksgiving Day will be another active day but not as physical.  We got to get things ready in the mobile and lot for our departure plus another Thanksgiving dinner.  It’s the SKP one and we really don’t have to do a lot like at ours.

You will be reading this on or after Thanksgiving Day.  Hope it is or was nice……Happy Thanksgiving.

See ya…………