Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Work.  Yes I used the WORD.  Steven, Carol’s bro, decided to order some gravel for his driveway to be delivered today.  I asked Steven if he wanted the driver to spread and he said no.  I used to be an owner operator of a small dump truck years ago. I bet very few people knew that.  Anyhow, the LARGE dump truck arrives with 22 tons of gravel.  OMG!  The driver dumped it.  I think I could have road my side by side ATV Razor over it.  It was a big pile.  You know what 22 tons of gravel looks like?  It looks like WORK.  Steven got home from his so called work day.  We made tacos for diner and then it was work time.  Steven, Carol & myself starting spreading the gravel by shovels and a wheel barrel.  It started to get dark or was that sweat running in my eyes?  We probably knocked out just about 1/2 the pile.  Tomorrow I will take some pictures if I can hold my heavy camera up long enough for it to focus.  Where’s that ibuprofen?  Where’s the heating pad?  Where’s the sauna?  Where’s my youth?

See ya…………