Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cancel Plan A Already

Plan A summer plans that I worked on yesterday is now obsolete.  Not unusual for a full timer. We now have gone into Plan B due to us wanting to do something else.  No not changes.  It’s a whole new plan for June & July.  We will help Ed & Sandy Kruty with the Escapees Outdoor Adventure HOP 1-7 July in Hatch, Utah.  The HOP will have available 4X4 and ATV adventures in a vast area of beauty. Check out the HOP.  I think we were asked to help because we have an ATV (Razor) and that’s cool.  It’s a major change in our schedule but we really want to help Ed & Sandy.  When we all get together we have a blast.  We would like to share this good time with more people so come on out and join us for fun and laughs during this adventure in the outdoors.  We will have fun even if you are an old fuddy dud!

We we’re going to go the northern route along I-80 west basically then hang a left in Gillette and go south.  Now we will go along I-70 west then hang a left in Utah and go  south to Hatch.  We will arrive a week early to help set up trails, etc.  We will probably add Moab as a stop on the way out and maybe turn around and go back after the HOP.  There’s a Passport America there that we will try out hopefully.  Carol wants to stop in Boulder, CO and visit Celestial Seasonings (Tea).  So be it.  We will probably stay at the Elks there.  In addition we will be staying at a military campground, more Passport Americas, Corps of Engineers and Coast to Coast parks on the way out.  I forgot to mention Corps of Engineer Parks yesterday.  They are usually very nice along with state parks and national parks.  If you have an old fart pass they really get cheap.  I would say cripple pass but that would get some people upset so I won’t.  I got one of “those” passes due to being a 40% disabled veteran.  I think it might be because I was a Marine for 21 years.

So, we are now in Plan B and it too is in jello except for the HOP.  That’s in concrete subject to normal cracking.

See ya…….