Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Solar Panels/Razor/Departing/Departed

Yesterday (Tuesday) I finished the solar panels 100%.  I had some caulking and cable tie downs to finish up on.   DSC_0002  DSC_0001

Steven, Carol’s bro & electrician, did the actual connecting of the cables the day before.

I figure now (yesterday) was a good time to change shocks and repair a stripped lug nut stud on the Razor. Plus install the tires/wheels in the correct mounting direction.  I had a few problems but they all worked out with big tools, a hammer and a pry bar.  A few parts left over.DSC_0004

Now the width is under 50 inches.  I removed the spacers that were on for the oversize tires that I had already removed.  I put the stock shocks on too.  Now it’s 12 inches tall in the front.DSC_0006 Plus the tires now don’t stick out beyond the body like before.  Now when I load it in the truck the tires go between the fender wheels instead of climbing over them. DSC_0007

I have 11 inches of clearance in the center where stock Razors are about 10 inches.  The super shocks (blue) I left on the rear and they are only adjusted for the shortest at this point.DSC_0009

My friend Butch dropped off a CB radio for me to use in the Razor during the Outdoor HOP in Hatch in July.  I still have to figure out where to put it and how to.  At least I got one.

Now for today Wednesday.  I got up and headed for the roof immediately.  I washed it.  Then I washed the Beast and cleaned the wheels.  Next was the truck.  After that I loaded the Razor into the truck.  All this time the clouds were rolling in and even a few drops fell.  I didn’t care.  Everything was getting washed because this was probably the last time for awhile that I will be able to wash everything.  Mainly because a lack of energy.

Mary Dennis (old name) came over to visit for awhile. She let me know that my old friend Don died of lung cancer rather than active alcoholism like I said in an earlier blog.  I feel I had to set the record right for me and him.  He was sober for many years and actively working a recovery plan – great for him.  He got a few more years probably.


This you might find interesting.  We have about 100 miles to go and we won’t be leaving until about 6:30 or 7 PM today.  One is to miss most of the Baltimore and DC traffic.  The I-95 corridor is bad.  We will make it to the other side of DC to Fredericksburg, VA.  Two is our son works the 10PM -6 AM shift at McDonald’s and it’s about the only way we can see him.  He’s in that stage.  We will spend the night in the local area somewhere and boone it.  Thursday we will head out for Front Royal, VA.

We made it down to Fredericksburg, VA (1oo miles)and traffic was horrific due to some sports event near DC.  We saw our son and he is doing very well.  We parked at a nice quiet Target parking lot.  It’s getting cool and all is well solar wise.

See ya…..