Monday, May 10, 2010

Swamp John’s Ala Cart

I thought this cart was pretty cool.  It ends up being 300 lbs on your hitch.  The guy spoke very highly of it.SDC10130


This was a first for me to see.  Electric jacks on a 42 footer.  That’s a lot of work for those jacks!SDC10132

Here’s about 9,000 lbs on one tire.  The tire is already showing stress.  Now the RVer will blame the tire manufacture when the tire fails.  His electrical cord has been pinched too.SDC10133

A trip to Red Bay is not complete unless you go to Swamp John’s for catfish.SDC10141

You can even eat outside next to the gas pump.SDC10142

They even got a drive up window.  Yes it’s a real window.SDC10143

GA fries, catfish, mayo slaw, puppies and a pickle, what more could you want for 6 bucks. Catfish was OK.  Not as good as you can get at Florida's restaurant in Livingston, TX.SDC10138 

GA fries are spicy fires with chili and bacon bits.  It needed to be more crunchy than gooey. SDC10139 

After you eat you need a trip here.  They even provided a plunger which appeared to be used a lot and recently.  Hey, I just tell you what I saw….SDC10140

The bars are to keep people in and not out.SDC10144

The temps stayed in the low 50s during the day the last two days.  What’s up with that?  We got our AC fixed and we want to crank it up….

See Ya…………

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