Thursday, May 27, 2010

Flies, Eyes & Ice


Now this is a sharp picture.DSC_0001

Very green here in Tennessee. DSC_0008

There seems to be abundance of tables around if you and 22 guys want to carry one of these things.DSC_0009


Marylyn is showing Carol on how to catch flies with her mouth. Carol is trying to learn.DSC_0010

Dave is just trying to catch a nap while listening.DSC_0011

Just a nice quite day with friends…

Oh, our ice maker is giving us trouble.  We defrosted the frig and it hasn’t been the same.  After defrosting it worked fine until we lifted the arm up when we wanted it to stop making ice. Then we wanted ice again it wouldn’t make any. It had ice in it but wouldn’t push it out.  No noises. We defrosted that part of the freezer with the ice maker and it worked again until we moved the bar and it stopped making ice again.   Does anyone have an idea what’s wrong and better yet how to fix it?

See Ya……

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