Friday, May 21, 2010

Just Dog On it


I wake up and get up between 4-6 AM.  I can count on one hand how many times I stayed in bed past 6AM in any year.  Well, this morning I was unknowingly going for a record.  I heard a tap tap on our door.  I rushed to the door to find out it was the guy, Jimmy, who assigns work here at Tiffin.  I have never seen him out of his office much less going out to the Allegro campground to get somebody.  Maybe he saw Mr. Tiffin’s name on my paperwork.  Anyhow, getting people was somebody else's job.  Jimmy asked if we could go to bay #14 to get our work done.  I felt honored that he came out to get us and of course said sure but it would take a half hour to get ready and move.  He said that would be fine. We weren’t expecting to go to the shop until the end of next week.  I turned around and looked at the clock and it was 8 o’clock.  I slept until 8 AM.  It’s a record folks.  Of course I was up 3-4 AM doing my usual “a lot of nothing”  like every night. I guess it’s a habit from when I worked night shifts at the Marine Corps Command Center in D.C. many years ago.  Anyhow, of course it’s raining and we had to unhook the FHU.  We got to the bay about 8:20 and they started work about 9 which is not unusual here at Red Bay.  Here it goes, one step forward and two back. While doing their repair work they put a 2 inch GASH in the body, got silicone sealer on the acrylic Diamond Shield and tried to clean it with alcohol (2’X3’ area) and scraped the paint on the entrance step in two places.  Just Dog On it……….. They are known for this kind of work sometimes.  It depends on which bay you go into.  I think most of them are workers with a few techs around.  I’m a worker not a tech which means I get get things done.  It just might not be pretty or right without someone hovering over me guiding me.  Welcome to Red Bay.  We go back in Monday to repair the repair work. Same ole - same ole – Just Dog On It..

Good news – we got our floor cabinet made and installed by Chris that evening.  It’s great.  If you plan to come to Red Bay call Chris about a month before you come to make an appointment.  He’s a one man operation and he’s damn good and busy as hell. His web page is  . Cost $325. I’m sure the cats will like it since it’s below a large window.


Hey, yesterday we filled our Hybrid car up and it got 39 MPG.  We have done a lot of under 50 MPH driving here so the gas/electric car really likes it.  So far it’s gotten 39, 32, 32 and 39 MPG with complete fill ups. I think we got 2300 miles on it. The coach has either 43K or 46K in case you are interested – NOT!

No “Rattlesnake Saloon” today. Let’s try tomorrow, Saturday.

I think the sun is coming up..YEP – another great day…..

See Ya………….

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