Saturday, September 12, 2015

Hold On

I drove a car from Balto, MD to Livingston, TX, (1,400 miles) this past week.  I had an early breakfast in Balto Wed morning (4 AM) and had breakfast in Livingston the next day (28 hrs).  I set a new record for myself of miles in a 24 hour period.  My new record is 1,125 miles and probably my last due to age. 

Tomorrow (Sun) I leave for Tucson which is about 1,100 miles.  Since I got reservations at a hotel Monday night (check in after 2 PM), I will take it easy.  Plus' I’ve been towing my trailer/trike behind my brother in law’s Explorer and now a Jeep tomorrow.

Carol didn’t want to make the trip in this short time frame and preferred to stay with her Mom in Balto. 

Why am I doing all this you ask, stay tuned……..

See ya……………