Monday, August 29, 2016

Another Motorcycle

I’m a proud owner of a 1982 Honda 110 trail bike.  I found it, more or less, on Craig’s List several months ago.  A guy was selling a similar one but also had this one that he was going to work on soon.  He works on Hondas as a hobby.Honda Trail 110 He said he would email me when it was done.  He called a couple of weeks ago and was getting ready to put it on Craig’s List.  We agreed on price and I tentatively bought it.  Mark was now back in Texas and he went and looked at it near Dallas.  He said it was a good bike and a good deal.  Bought it.  Mark has it setting at his place until we get back in about 10+ days or so.

The Honda will go on the front of the camper and will be used en route to Alaska next year.  I have to order a front receiver hitch and the bike ramp/holder.  I already got the item numbers for them and will order later this week.  It will add 300 lbs for everything on the front end.  For a V10 Ford 350 super duty, it can handle it.

We’re still in Augusta, WV at Carol’s brother (Steven’s) family campground that he is building.  The pavilion is almost finished. Another good weekend should get it just about done.DSC_0001DSC_0003DSC_0006


We will be heading back to Livingston the day after Labor Day for medical reasons.  We were gonna stay about another month but I have to get back now and see my doctor.  I made it almost 8 months without going to an ER.  Well, I didn’t make it a year like I was being so careful not do anything dumb.  My brain shifted down to my neck and started hurting and needs to be cut out.  I don’t use it much so I won’t miss it according to so called friends.  We should make it back around Friday the 9th of Sept and my Dr appointment is the following Monday.

I think our cat really likes being around here.  Just resting from a day outside playing.DSC_0012

The internet here is really bad.  Pictures take hours to upload but doable.  We can go down the road about 12 miles to the hospital and use their internet.  I guess you can figure out how we learned that.

So, that’s it i a nut shell.

See ya….