Monday, February 23, 2015

Walt Is Drooling Again

We got the motorcycle in the garage (trailer).  The chairs are away and the awning is in and we don’t have to move ….let it rain..let it rain … and it did most of the day.

Guess what Ed and I picked up at the Post office this morning?  My motorcycle rain suit.  I don’t have to wear it yet.  Plus I got a luggage carrier for the bike.  It’s mobile in that I can take it off the bike real quick to take it my tent or hotel room.  I know … I know .. tenting at 66 years old, yea right.  Hey, I’m a retired Marine and have slept in sand, mud and snow so I do have experience.   Maybe I should stay in a hotel room then!  This all has to do with a 2,000 mile motorcycle trip next month.  No, Carol says she’s not going.  I can’t even imagine why not.  I will give you my opinions of these motorcycle items and others in the near future.

It was a rainy day off and on and I got my To Do List updated with things I should get done before we leave Thursday.  Key word is “should.”

I ordered today some “stuff” from Amazon like a handlebar GPS mount, a handlebar drink holder and a pair of chaps.  Plus another important item that I’ve already forgotten what it was.  You know, important stuff.  I blame the rain for me ordering this “stuff”.  Oh yea, rain covers for boots/shoes to go along with that rain suit I received today in the mail.  This stuff is suppose to be here Wednesday.  That’s funny.  Plus I got a small tent coming into Cabela’s this week.  It was ordered last Tuesday.  If it’s not in by Wednesday, I will have to cancel that order.  They really don’t care or they would have it delivered to their store within a week.  It’s coming from Utah.

For dinner we went to the “El Ranchero Mexican Restaurant” on Wickenburg Way in Wickenburg.  We met Ed & Sandy Kruty and Walt & Kellie Gunn there.  I think the food wasn’t all that great but a lot of people do.  The service was no where to be found after the food was delivered.  I had to waive at the bartender to get us another drink.  Anyhow, my bill was wrong. I questioned the waitress about it and she just about blew me off.  I will return when they are slow and ask why my bill was $13 higher than it should have been.  Of course no break down of actual cost per item was given.  It’s on my list of things To Do List.

The conversation was great as it is always with this group.  We were there a long time and when Walt started to drool it was time to leave.  He didn’t bring his bib.  If we don’t harass Walt he thinks some thing is wrong.  Walt & Kellie are leaving tomorrow for the Good Sam Rally down in Goodyear, AZ.  They will be in a booth for the Amazon Work Force.  Happy tail wags with Abby (their dog).   Abby is having some trouble.  You have to remember she’s older than Walt in dog years and doesn't even drool yet.  Good Luck guys!

See ya…….